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Go for Speed – website performance

If you’re paying less, your site is fighting for bandwidth with a whole lot of other sites on a shared server. In short the busier the other sites on the same server are, the slower your site loads. Usability studies indicate your site has split seconds to engage prospective customers. Don’t lose sales to slow page load speeds.

Our servers are fine-tuned for WordPress. Also, they aren’t bogged down with hosting far too many websites like other ISPs. Both mean your site will load lightning fast.

Embrace Security – don't lose your ranking by getting hacked!

WordPress security is our top priority. We know how mortifying it is to discover your blog has been overwritten with Viagra ads! All sites are scanned continuously for malicious mischief. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing we're protecting your website.

Should your site get hacked while on our server, we’ll fix it for FREE – that’s how confident we are in our hosting security.

Secure Transactions – all websites need SSL encryption

Safeguard transactions and your good search engine ranking. Google ranks sites with SSL encryption higher than those without. If fact, Google makes it hard to access sites without SSL. Our hosting includes free SSL to protect your and your customers. The “s” in https:// means transactions on your site are better protected than the average URL. Why pay more at other ISPs, when you can get SSL included for free?

Save with our site maintenance bundles...

Can't decide on a maintenance plan? We can help.

There are several ways to choose a maintenance plan.

  • Start small and upgrade your plan as your business grows.
  • Spend money to make money by choosing the Premium or Deluxe plans which include ongoing performance optimization, broken link fixes and SEO monitoring.
  • Go all in by selecting the Deluxe plan which includes ongoing SEO enhancements and the deepest discount on our hourly rate.

No matter which plan you decide upon, you'll receive priority customer support, high quality hosting and maintenance, and the confidence your website is working for you.

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SEO and Our Maintenance Plans

The last piece of the puzzle is SEO


Don't want a maintenance plan? Then try our web hosting

Enjoy fast performance, excellent security and 24/7 support.

Quality Hosting

We partner with Flywheel to provide the finest WordPress hosting around. Get your site online with

  • Non-stop security checking
  • Ongoing site performance monitoring
  • No-touch WordPress updates
  • Fast, dedicated WordPress servers

All of the extras that come included with hosting reduce the need for WordPress plugins (security, performance, etc.).

Kiss bloated WordPress sites good bye with gotsowell hosting.

SSL Encryption

Have a contact form on your site? A payment system? A newsletter sign up? Keep your transactions secure and customer communications private.

SSL encryption is included for every site you host with gotsowell. Prevent Google from downranking your site as not secure. Get SSL for your domain today.

Want the green padlock in the browser that says your site is secure? Make sure all of your media links are updated to https (SSL-enabled) too!

24/7 Support

You have the power of two companies, gotsowell and our hosting partner, WPMUdev, supporting your site.

Know that we're keeping an eye on your site. We check metrics regularly on your site's performance. We run frequent security scans. And we know immediately if your site goes down.

EMERGENCY SUPPORT 24/7: Website down? Contact WPMU Support.

Feature requests, bugs, training: Email gotsowell 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific