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We invest in your success – online and off

A few words about gotsowell . . .

We at gotsowell are an agency of digital professionals who love all things web. Together we have your web design and development, user experience design, content creation and marketing SEO needs covered. We're here to support your success while doing what we love.

Are you just getting started? Or growing your business? Let us build you a path to online success. Focused on a mission – green products, organic gardening, healthcare, holistic animal care, social justice? We want to work with you.

Oh, and in dog years, we have a combined 350 years experience delivering websites that put small businesses on the map.

Learn about our design process.

Desk with book entitled Your Soul

Meet our team – we're techies who like people!

Our numbers vary based on our workload. Meet our regulars.

Jacqueline Sowell, owner/principle, gotsowell llc
Acct. Manager, UX Designer and Marketing SEO
Briana Montagne Headshot
UX Designer and Web Developer
Backend Web Developer, Performance Optimization


Our design process includes you

Contact us to discuss your business needs

Let's get to know each other. Together we'll get a feel for whether what you're looking for is what we can provide. We want to deliver quality, every time.

We provide a detailed proposal and contract

Know what you're getting for the price. If the price is too much, we'll help you adjust your list of requirements to better fit your budget. We do exceptional work at fair prices. And our contracts are written in plain English !

We do a site audit

We'll evaluate your needs. Is it a new website? A site refresh? Market research for SEO optimization? Content management. Or simply structured data to improve SEO?

We git 'er done!

What we ask of you varies with the service. For SEO services, we need to know about your business niche and your competition. For website design, we need that and more: web content, photos, logo, etc. Once we have the building blocks in hand, we get your project scheduled, do a design review with you and take the final design live.